About Afrika Fusion

Mantra – The Best of Africa in America

A Multi-Destination Establishment that is Unique, entertaining, Reliable, Caring, Professional, Locally and Internationally Accredited, Sensitive with a Family touch “Intimate Culinary Safari”

The culinary experience is “Exquisite and Extraordinary”

An African Destination Restaurant providing key lifestyle essential services to a diverse and for tasty East, Sub-Saharan and West Africa Cuisine, this African cuisine in Dallas is also a center of attraction when it comes to African music and cultural events. It is the chill out place for experiencing African culture – right from meals to music sitting a thousand miles away from the Africa.

Authentic African Cuisines, Appetizers, Main Course Meals and Decadent Delicacies

Since, its inception, the Afrika Fusion has won the hearts of her neighbors, the community and has become a destination for visitors. The Restaurant has rave reviews for serving a wide range of authentic African food that includes Malawian, Kenyan, Ugandan, Zambian, Nigerian, Zimbabwean cuisines.

Authentic taste

Afrika Fusion has transitioned from a simple café to full-fledge restaurant serving African meals. Today, it has become the place in Dallas to experience an original taste of African food from various African cuisines. Now her guests can enjoy and relish the food without visiting the continent.

Afrika Fusion Restaurant and Lounge

  • Afrika Fusion portrays the true blend of Africa where ethnicity shines through its exotic and tantalizing African cuisines.
  • The Afrika -fusion cooking is the combination of traditional East African diverse cuisine with ingredients and techniques from other African cultures to create hybrid dishes with a new flavor based on classic recipes.
  • The Afrika Fusion Restaurant and Lounge is the Dallas, Texas’ premiere African dining, meeting, and events catering venue since 2009.
  • A full service restaurant offering Fine dining, Buffet, Carry Out/Delivery, full service catering, a full service sports bar & lounge including a separate private dining/events lounge and an exclusive VIP lounge.
  • Our in-house private dining capacity ranges from upto 100 guests in the main dining area to a minimum of 20 guests (or Less) in the private lounges.
  • On-site services include; office parties, dinner parties, fundraisings, small wedding receptions, family and corporate events.
  • Off-site services include; office parties, picnic/events lunch boxes, large banquets, weddings, corporate events, religious events among others.
  • Currently the 5,000 square feet establishment is located at the 18900 North Dallas Parkway an area that provide our clientele with; Free Parking, Handicap Accessibility, Visibility, African Population Base.
  • Because of its location, it has played host to hundreds of meetings, conventions, and special events. Thousands of diverse group of visitors and local residents make use of Afrika Fusion facilities each year.
  • Clientele served in prominent personalities and major corporates that include; Chicago marathon annual dinner, Amazon lunches for managers in Copell, Texas, L2Uptown South African wine night, Kenyan DFW annual dinner among others.
  • Corporate social responsibility campaigns that include our pass it forward initiative that caters to initiatives that focus on education, renewable energy/ Environment, gender issues and community based activities among others.