Creating a Unique Experiences and Events Featuring African Cuisine and Hospitality

Think about your last party…when did you host it creating a unique experience and amazingly delicious food? It doesn’t ring the bell; perhaps it is time to call our “African Restaurant in Dallas” for sumptuous, mouth-watering African delicacies that will make your party a memorable one.

Whether you are planning a 200 people party or planning a formal luncheon of 20 guests for your corporate event, our culinary team is surely going to exceed your expectations.

Our food is as healthy as it is unique and amazingly delicious. One bite from our popular Nyama Chama and the pleasure it brings, surely will make you understand why we at Afrika Fusion are leading caterers when it comes to serving African delicacies and creating an African experience.


Highly Acclaimed Expert Chefs and Servers

Our highly acclaimed expert chefs and servers are well-versed in cooking and serving varied African dishes showcased on our menus.

We offer a true, authentic taste of traditional African delicacies, but we also dare to be different with the range of amazing African dishes to impress your guests.

African Cuisine Prepared from Scratch with All-Natural Ingredients.

With a verifiable event date, plan and location patrons may ask for the taster plate sample of African dishes from our menu. Enjoy these tasty, yet healthy African delicacies that are prepared from scratch with all-natural ingredients.

Our authentic African restaurant in Dallas offers catering services for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, special occasions, formal luncheon etc.