Catering for Baptisms, Christenings, Christmas Parties, Easter Celebrations, Church Picnics, Church Meetings, Outreach Events

If you are searching to hire caterers to serve in God’s Kingdom than surely Afrika Fusion—an authentic African restaurant Dallas will be the right choice for the Church events. Enjoy breaking bread together with delicious African cuisine whether you are planning a christening day for your little one, or just want to have the best food served for your Christmas party or Easter celebration.

Unique and Innovative African Dishes

We offer catering service to any Church event, special days, and festivals. We offer the true taste of traditional African cuisine, but we also dare to be unique and innovative with the range of African dishes to impress people with our delicacies catered with loving care for any church event.

Relying on our tradition, heritage and experience, we at Afrika Fusion can help you bring your vision for your church event to life and help you execute each detail including selecting the ideal menu, decor, etc.